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International Examinations

Ace your international Exams (IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT...) with AAPT International Education. Our expert coaches and comprehensive resources ensure your success in a range of international examinations.

IELTS - IELTS is an internationally recognized English language proficiency test for study, work, and immigration purposes.

  • IELTS Test Registration
  • IELTS Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks IELTS Physical Lecture
  • IELTS Full online Videos
  • IELTS Past Questions
  • Full IELTS Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • IELTS Software & Simulations

SAT - SAT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States, measuring students' readiness for higher education.

  • SAT Test Registration
  • SAT Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks SAT Physical Lecture
  • SAT Full online Videos
  • SAT Past Questions
  • Full SAT Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • SAT Software & Simulations

TOEFL - TOEFL is a widely recognized English proficiency test for non-native speakers, assessing language skills for academic purposes.

  • TOEFL Test Registration
  • TOEFL Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks TOEFL Physical Lecture
  • TOEFL Full online Videos
  • TOEFL Past Questions
  • Full TOEFL Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • TOEFL Software & Simulations

GRE- GRE is a standardized test for graduate school admissions, evaluating analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills.

  • GRE Test Registration
  • GRE Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks GRE Physical Lecture
  • GRE Full online Videos
  • GRE Past Questions
  • Full GRE Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • GRE Software & Simulations

GMAT- GMAT is a computer-based test for graduate business school admissions, assessing analytical writing, integrated reasoning, verbal, and quantitative skills.

  • GMAT Test Registration
  • GMAT Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks GMAT Physical Lecture
  • GMAT Full online Videos
  • GMAT Past Questions
  • Full GMAT Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • GMAT Software & Simulations

ACT- ACT is a Standardized test for college admissions, assessing knowledge and skills in various subjects.

  • ACT Test Registration
  • ACT Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks ACT Physical Lecture
  • ACT Full online Videos
  • ACT Past Questions
  • Full ACT Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • ACT Software & Simulations


  • PTE Test Registration
  • PTE Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks IELTS Physical Lecture
  • PTE Full online Videos
  • PTE Past Questions
  • Full PTE Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • PTE Software & Simulations


  • DUOLINGO Test Registration
  • DUOLINGO Online Live Classes
  • 4 Weeks DUOLINGO Physical Lecture
  • DUOLINGO Full online Videos
  • DUOLINGO Past Questions
  • Full DUOLINGO Textbook (E-book & Hard Copy)
  • DUOLINGO Software & Simulations

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